Water treatment

WS 140
Reverse Osmosis Device
The reverse osmosis device can be considered the most efficient water treatment option available on the market.
The WS140 device is designed for industrial dishwashers: it is compact, has an hourly capacity of 120 l/h and also features external profiteering.
It is extremely effective in eliminating chlorine, impurities and mineral salts contained in inlet water.
Its reduced footprint facilitates also horizontal installation.
Very simple, cost-effective ordinary maintenance.
Reverse Osmosis Device
HYDRO 7M is a high capacity 7-membrane reverse osmosis system for rack conveyor dishwashers and utensil washers.
Double 20
Automatic water softener.
Dimensions: 36 x 36 x 58,5 cm.
Performance: 1200 Lt/H.
Manual water softner 8 Lt.
Dimensions: 24 x 19 x 42 cm.
Manual water softner 12 Lt.
Dimensions: 24 x 19 x 52 cm.
Manual water softner 16 Lt.
Dimensions: 24 x 19 x 62 cm.
Manual water softner 20 Lt.
Dimensions: 24 x 19 x 71 cm.