_ Niagara 42

Glasswashers and plate washers with 40x40 cm rack and 32 cm door opening.
At the new height of 69.5 cm, the glass washer is perfectly suited to the standard dimensions of bar counters.
Thanks to the wide door opening and the specialised wash programme (ProPlates), the machine can wash plates up to 32 cm in diameter, requiring just the addition of an optional plates insert that clips into the standard rack.
For delicate glass goblets, special racks are available with row dividers and an inclined base that can accommodate goblets up to 11 cm in diameter.
At peak times for serving coffee, the washing of demitasse cups and saucers can be speeded up with the use of an optional grille that allows two racks to be washed simultaneously: demitasse cups in the lower rack, saucers in the top.
Fitting the grille in the wash chamber is a quick and simple operation: just rest it on the supports provided.
Standard equipment includes two glasses racks and a cutlery insert.
Specialised programmes: ProPlates, ProWater.
H cm
30 cm
Ø cm
32 cm
Dimensions (WxDxH): 46,6 x 55,6 x 69,5 cm
Rack size: 40 x 40 cm
Door opening height: 32 cm