_ Mistral 74LX

High-capacity front load dishwasher with 50x60 cm rack with all available options, with new user interface with soft-touch keys and new design polychrome LCD display.
Constructed with wide-spaced double-skin side panels with deep-drawn rounded rack guides and door with full double-skin construction.
The tank has deep-drawn base and is equipped with an integral stainless steel filter.
The wash chamber is free of internal pipes and sharp corners.
The machine is also equipped with an upper and lower 3 arm rotating spray.
Standard equipment includes peristaltic detergent and rinse aid dispensers, which can be adjusted from the control panel.
The 74LX CDE version can be combined with the WS140 reverse osmosis device.
H cm
37,5 cm
Ø cm
41 cm
H cm
GN1/1 (53x32)
Dimensions (WxDxH): 60 x 70 x 129 cm
Rack size: 50 x 60 cm
Door opening height: 40,5 cm